Dr. Morgan's Awards

POLY Fellow, American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry
2016 Society of Plastics Engineers Education Award
2015 American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry Distinguished Service Award 
2015 University of Southern Mississippi Multidisciplinary Research Award
2015 Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics Prize for 2010

Student Awards

Morgan Research Group Awards and RecognitionAwardee
NSF NRT Traineeship, 2015-2016 April Fogel
NSF NRT Traineeship, 2015-2016 Ashleigh Bristol
ACS division of Polymer Chemistry Outstanding Poster Award April Fogel
PMSE Graduate Student Award, National ACS, Boston, 2015 Kat Knauer
2nd place REU paper award Sally Lewis
Graduate Student Hall of Fame Inductee, USM 2015 Kat Knauer
NSF NRT Traineeship, 2014 – 2015 Levi Moore
National School of Neutron & X-Ray Scattering Argonne, Oak Ridge Nat’l Labs selectee, 2015 Levi Moore
Outstanding LSMAMP Senior 2015 Hannah Brown
Outstanding Sophomore, College of Science & Technology, USM, 2015 Mark Norman
3rd Place Regional 3 Minute Thesis Competition Kat Knauer
Undergraduate Poster Award, ACS National Meeting Michael Roth
1st Place Chemistry, Region 1 Upper Science & Engineering Fair, Air Force Science Fair Award Bishal Upadhyay
State Level in Chemistry at MS Science and Engineering Fair Bishal Upadhyay
Best student presentation, Waterborne 2015 Kat Knauer
3 Minute Thesis USM Competition Winner Kat Knauer
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2014 Tyler Brown
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2014 Michaelyn Lux
McNair Scholar, 2014 Hannah Brown
First Place Presentation Award, McNair National Symposium, October 2014 Hannah Brown
NSF GK12 Fellowship, 2014- 2015 April Fogel
Second Place ACS Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science Oral Presentation Award, March 2014 Tyler Brown
Second Place ACS Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science Poster Award, March 2014 Hannah Brown
Second Place 2014 Waterborne Undergraduate Poster Tyler Brown
National School on X-Ray and Neutron Scattering, 2013 (Argonne, ONR) Kat Knauer
Best Paper Award, Society of Plastics Engineers, 2013 Kat Knauer
NSF IRES Fellowships 2013 Levi Moore, Hannah Brown
Travel Award ACS Undergrad Research in Pol Sci, 2013 Michaelyn Lux
NASA Undergrad Award 2012 Hanna Brown
GAANN Fellowship, 2013 – 2014 Levi Moore
GAANN Fellowship, 2012 - 2014 Kat Knauer
2nd Place Poster Award, ACS POLY Workshop, 2013 Qi Wu
NSF IRES Fellowships 2012 Sarah Exley, Kat Knauer
National Research Council Fellowship 2012 Chris Sahagun
Goldwater Scholarship 2012 Tyler Brown
Yarborough Scholar 2012 Lea Paslay
ANTEC Travel Award Xiaonan Kou
Johnson and Johnson Summer Internships 2012 Yan Zong, Qi Wu
NSF IRES Fellowships 2011 Paslay, Sahagun, Lewis, Travis Brown
REU Best Poster Award 2011 Leo Falgout
GAANN Fellowship 2010 – 2013 Sarah Exley
NSF GK-12 Fellowship 2010-2011 Bobby Cook
ORNL Neutron Scattering Workshop Scholarship, 2011 Mithun Battacharya
J Pol Sci Phys Best Paper 2010 Misra, Fu, Morgan
2nd place Poster, ACS Undergraduate Research, 2010 Chelsea Wahl
2nd place Poster, Waterborne 2010 Bobby Cook
Johnson and Johnson Research Internship 2010 Yuhong Wei
ORNL AFM Workshop, 2011 Qi Wu
GAANN Fellowship 2009 - 2012 Lea Paslay
NSF IGERT Graduate Conference, Washington DC, 2009 Chris Sahagun
NSF Engineering Education Conference, Washington DC 2009 Paul Jones
Innovation Award – MS Technology Alliance 2008-2009 Chris Sahagun
GE Aviation Internship 2009 Bobby Cook
Best Presentation Waterborne 2009 Lacey Harris
ACS Travel Award Undergrad Research in Polymer Science 2009 Sarah Sullivan
Troy Elias Singer Best Paper Award, Waterborne 2008 Rahul Misra
NSF International Research Exchange in Engineering Fellowship 2008 Paul Jones
Boeing Research Fellowship 2008 Chris Sahagun
Johnson & Johnson Research Fellowship 2008 Chris Harris
Zeon Chemical Service Award Lacey Harris,Kristin Hamilton
NSF IGERT Fellowship 2007-2008 Chris Sahagun
ACS Travel Award Undergrad Research in Polymer Science 2008 Will Gray
Best Poster Award LSMAMP 07,08 Will Gray
Best Poster Award Undergraduate Research Conference
Case Western Reserve 2007 Lacey Wahl Harris
NIST Summer Research Fellowship 2007 Kristin Hamilton
Marine Science Summer Research Fellowship 2007 Brandon Drescher
ACS Fellowship for Minority Research 2007 Brittany Jones
NSF IGERT Fellowship 2006-2007 Chris Harris
ACS Travel Award SW Regional ACS Meeting 2006 Rahul Misra
NSF Fellowship for Nanomechanics Summer Institute 2006 Paul Jones
K2 Summer Research Fellowship 2006 Bobby Cook
Eastman Graduate Research Fellowship 2005 Rahul Misra
MPT Summer Research Fellowship 2005 Paul Jones
ACS PRF Summer Research Fellowship 2005 Gina Sorci
Hearin Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2003-2008 Paul Jones
NSF U. California San Diego AFM Graduate Conference Jones, Misra