Functionalized Hollow Nanoparticles
Functionalized Hollow Nanoparticles for Incorporation in Silicone Hydrogels

Abstract: A critical challenge in extended-wear contact lenses is enhancing oxygen permeability. Insufficiency of oxygen results in hypoxia and potential damage to the cornea, with the possibility of occurrence increasing when lenses are worn for longer periods of time. Previous studies indicated the possibility of producing hyper-oxygen permeability in silicone films by incorporating hollow structures. For use in contact lenses, it is necessary to provide transparency and dispersible oxygen permeation-enhancing hollow silicone nanoparticles in hydrogels. This study demonstrates the preparation of hollow silicone nanoparticles with average diameter smaller than 100 nm and functionality to allow dispersion in aqueous solutions. Process modifications of a literature precedent are defined to achieve particles of desired size and morphology. Nanoparticles are analyzed by FTIR, dynamic light scattering, TEM and atomic force microscopy. Shell functionality provides a platform for further reaction and incorporation in hydrogel solutions.

Polymer Bulletin 2015, DOI 10.1007/s00289-015-1539-5